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with Municipalities & Counties (Project Focused)

Pathways2Ownership (P2O) offers an assessment and capacity building education and development process that builds your capacity to implement small and mid-sized sustainability, community services and infrastructure projects. P2O assists their clients to assemble what they have into a base layer of resources that name and frame a range of project initiative and offering options that will motivate their community into collective action to create needed FUELINGMAIN (FM) supported systems.


Municipalities and counties have numerous infrastructure, community services and sustainability projects between $50,000 and $50 million that are either sitting in reports, as additions to existing funded projects, and in the minds of city officials and citizens that need to be implemented.


The Impact investment community is an $8.7 trillion dollar market (Morgan Stanley 2012 report) that is rapidly growing, has few places to go and seeks to build citizen interest and access to appropriate financial structures that create scaling project flow within communities.

FUELINGMAIN is an online initiative-management platform to implement project offerings that build strong, vibrant communities generating local knowledge that enables citizens to invest in projects that are designed to circulate local public goods and wealth.

Step one

A project is put into the FM system as an initiative to raise awareness, gain support, generate feedback, realize efficiencies, save money, deliver better overall outcomes. (optional)

Step two

When ready, the project is put forth as an offering that citizens and institutions can invest in.

Step three

The project is funded and implemented.

Step four

Fmanages investor communications and distributions, while you build a citizen investor base for successive projects.

Industry Sectors 

Include but are not limited to affordable housing, broadband, coastal waterways management, critical infrastructure, emergency services, energy efficiency, green buildings, libraries, parks and recreation, renewable energy, student housing, transportation, water and wastewater management, and more…



  • Ability to implement projects currently in published reports sitting on shelves with more creativity, flexibility and married to deal term investment structures that fit the project.

  • Provide additional capital to projects that are already funded but where the citizens did not get everything they wanted.

  • Enhance, generate and implement projects embedded in sustainability and resiliency reports.

  • Start building an invested public by circulating increasing amounts of capital locally.

  •  Expand you investor base for successive projects.

  • Pursue multiple strategies designed to increase the implementation of projects in under-served communities.

For a deeper dive into exploring multiple outcomes, download our paper

Reasons to Generate an Invested Public via the P2OFM System.

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